Chromaglass Sentiments

1665 Hudson Bay Mountain Road, Smithers, B.C. V0J 2N4 Phone / Fax (250) 847-9636
Tuesday - Saturday 1:00 P.M. - 6:00 P.M.

Stained Glass Supplies, Tools and Equipment

Stained Glass Showroom

We are situated along the popular ski hill road in Smithers, B. C. and also serve stained glass customers from Terrace, B. C., Hazelton, B. C., Houston, B. C. and Burns Lake, B. C.

Variety of Stained Glass

Considerable stock of stained glass for stained glass hobbyists and professionals.

Stained Glass Solder, Equipment, Tools & Chemicals

We carry soldering irons, pattern sheers, pliers, breakers, mosaic cutters, foil, coolant, cutting oil, flux, and patina, etc.

Excellent Customer Service

We invite you to stop in at our stained glass supply shop and browse for yourself.

Stain Glass Samples

stained glass
stained glass
Stained Glass
stained glass supplies

Equipment, Supplies and Tools

Glastar G8 All Star Grinders

The All-Star is a grinder of choice for stained glass professionals. With a large work surface, built in water pump, 3560 RPM motor and smooth, quiet operation.

Glastar G12 Super Star II Grinders

The Super Star II is a premium grinder for hobbyists and pro- fessionals. Uses quality Glastar grinding heads and at 3450 RPM this is all the grinder you really need for accurate and efficient stained glass work.

Solder, Tools and Supplies

60/40 50/50 lead free and decorative solder, cutters, running pliers, groziers and all the tools and supplies expected for stained glass work.

Taurus 3 Ring Saw

This ring saw gets the stained glass artist through tough, tight turns that are not possible with cutting, grozing and grinding. A dreamed for piece of equipment.